Frequently Asked Questions

Annual Pest Management values customer service and exceptional service. We take a transparent and professional approach to pest control. Please see below a list of the most common questions from our clients.

I have found termites! What do I do now?

Finding termites on your property can be a scary experience. The most important thing is to not disturb the termites. Termites are timid and scare easily. If disturbed, they will quickly move to other parts of your property that can be harder to detect. Call Annual Pest Management immediately if you find termites. This will ensure that our experts are involved and can help eradicate the infestation as soon as possible.

I have found rodents! What do I do now?

Finding rodents in your property can be a frustrating experience. Annual Pest Management have trained experts that will ensure the problem is eradicated and reoccurring infestations are prevented.

Are the treatments safe for children and pets?

You can be assured that our pesticides are child and pet safe. We use non-toxic, high-quality, environmentally friendly products that are aligned with Australian standards. The safety of your family and pets are our number one priority and we keep a precise record of treatments and procedures for your reassurance.

Can I stay in my property while the treatment is being done?

Yes, you can remain in your property during treatment due to chemical exposure being minimal. Annual Pest Management technicians follow strict safety precautions and treat areas with upmost attentiveness. We keep a precise record of treatments and procedures for your reassurance.

What areas of the property do we treat?

Annual Pest Management technicians are experts in pest control and effectively target areas where pests breed and inhabit. Common target areas include:

Inside Areas:

  • Roofing
  • Cracks and cavities
  • Cupboards
  • Door and window frames
  • Skirting boards

Outside Areas:

  • Fence lines
  • Fences
  • Gardens
  • Footpaths
  • Clothes lines
  • Rubbish bins
  • Pool space
  • Sheds
  • Patios
  • Outdoor furniture
  • Walls of property
  • Wall cavities

How can I prepare for a pest treatment?

For best results, it is recommended to provide as much access to target areas as possible. This may require moving objects to the middle of the room, emptying cupboards and ensuring that food and other perishable items are stored away. It is important to remember that the better prepared you are, the more effective the treatment will be.

Do you offer car, caravan, boat, and motor home pest treatments?

Annual Pest Management can tailor pest treatments to any scenario. Our expert technicians will assess the situation and provide a practical solution.

How often do I need pest control?

Average home: We recommend that you have pest control treatments annually.

Business: We recommend that you follow OH&S advice and have pest control carried out at least every 6 months.

Commercial food businesses: We recommend that you follow OH&S advice and have pest control carried out at least quarterly.

Are all your technicians qualified?

Annual Pest Management has a team of expert technicians that are trained, qualified and licenced. Our technicians frequently participate in training to stay up to date with new recommendations and advancements.

Do you provide a warranty?

We provide comprehensive warranties for all treatments to assure customer satisfaction and peace of mind.

How long should I wait after my treatment to mop my floors?

You should not mop your floors for 5 days after treatments to ensure that the chemicals have dried and settled into surfaces. This will guarantee that you are protected from pests for the coming year. Any other surfaces are fine to clean as soon as you like because we use different techniques on each area.

When is the best time of the year to do pest control?

With every season comes different pests. Subsequently, it is important to stay up to date with your regular pest treatments.

How often should I get my property Inspected?

Regular Pest Inspections
Staying on top of pest management is integral for homeowners and businesses. General pest inspections are recommended every 12 months to prevent pests from wreaking havoc and causing extensive damage. We have a variety of cutting-edge methods to thoroughly identify and eradicate any infestation. Our goal is to make you pest-free for life!