Bird Control

Pest birds are not only threatening to our native bird species, but can also cause serious damage to businesses, commercial buildings and homeowner properties.

Pest birds can cause several problems ranging from physical damage, spread of disease, spread of insects and parasites, blocked drains, contamination of food from pecking, foul droppings and aggressive behaviour.

Feral pigeons, Indian or Common Myna, Common or European Starling and Sparrows are the four main types of pest birds in Australia. Not only are they a nuisance, but they also displace native bird species. Native Australian bird species such as parrots, magpies, ravens, crows, ducks and lorikeets can be destructive in some situations, however, cannot be harmed due to Australian Animal Protection laws. Annual Pest Management can tailor their pest management services for any bird pest scenario. However, Annual Pest Management are conscientious about harming native species, therefore do not offer bird baiting services.

Bird control services start with an initial on-site inspection conducted by an Annual Pest Management professional followed by the selection of the right bird control system. These are tailor-made for each client, designed to humanely remove birds and keep your premises clean, secure and safe.

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Pigeon Spikes and Netting

Spiking the areas that birds like to perch on is an effective method to protect special areas of buildings. Bird spikes are long, needle-like rods that can be attached to ledges, pipes, windowsills, beams, street lighting and signage. Bird spiking is recommended for urban areas as they provide a long term, physical barrier which are cost effective and easy to install. Netting is a strong and versatile bird exclusion system that denies birds access to any desired space. A bird net is a nearly invisible product made of thin, ultra-strong strands of polyethylene twine which is knotted and looped to form a barrier. A bird net is available in all different sizes and colours and can be custom made.

Pigeon Removal by Shooting

When experts can’t install netting due to complex building structures, removal of feral pigeons by shooting is an appropriate solution. Feral pigeons flock and nest in sheltered areas, behind equipment, on ledges and rooftops. Eradicating the leaders of these flocks will deter others from remaining. A licensed shooter commonly uses low velocity bullets to remove feral birds. It is recommended that this type of removal takes place in the early evening over 2 to 3 visits.

Solar Panel Proofing

Solar panels are an ideal place for a feral bird to nest as they are insulated from extreme temperatures, protected, and hidden from the view of predators and property owners. Protecting your solar panels with Solar Mesh and Solar Mesh Clips is an easy and effective solution that denies pest bird access without damaging your panels and roof.

Bird Deterrent Systems

Shaped like a pyramid, a rotating solar powered device that deters birds from unwanted areas. Utilising rays of sunlight, the unit creates of series of random reflected ‘flashes’ that irritates the birds’ eyes, making conditions so uncomfortable that the birds will learn to stay away from those areas.