Commercial Pest Management

Annual Pest Management has been servicing a multitude of businesses since 1968, including hospitality, construction, food processing, small businesses, and corporate industries. Minor pest intrusion can have a costly impact on goods, brand image and the workplace.

For many years, Annual Pest Management has been running regular pest management at body corporates, units, townhouses, commercial offices and buildings, pubs, clubs, RSLs, schools, restaurants, 6B Aged Care Facilities and many more establishments.

We have cutting-edge technology and treatment plans to ensure that your business remains protected and aligned with legal and industry requirements. Safeguard your business by booking a site inspection and organising a customised pest management plan.

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Body Corporate

Our technicians have relationships with many organisations and have been performing consistent pest management for Strata and Body Corporate properties for decades. We have a dedicated team of experts who work with our Body Corporate properties to ensure that they are always protected.

Annual Pest Management provides pest services for both external and internal areas. Generally, Body Corporate are responsible for external areas like parking spaces, communal recreational spaces, hallways, staircases and foyers. While tenants must take care of their internal property.

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A big thanks to the Annual Pest Management team who recently attended the offices of AD Body Corporate for some team training. Was a great session for our staff. The scones were appreciated also and great to hear about the history of this family owned business." - Scott Cupit, COO Strata Investment Group

AD Body Corporate

Common Infestations in Body Commercial Properties

Protect your business now?
We cover a range of commercial businesses:

  • Body Corporates

  • Units

  • Townhouses

  • Commercial Offices and Buildings

  • Pubs & Clubs

  • RSLs

  • Schools

  • Restaurants, Bakeries & Cafes

  • Aged Care Facilities

  • Industrial office / sheds

  • Rental – Property Management (End of Lease)

  • and many more establishments.