Ants may appear harmless, however, they will travel far and wide to search for food to bring back to their colonies. Establishing trails and clustering near food sources, colonies can wreak havoc in homes, businesses, and other dwellings in just a matter of days.

The most common reason ants are attracted into the home is because of a source of food and water. When ants find a suitable water source, they often leave a scent trail so that other ants can find it. Ongoing food sources such as pet food bowls, compost bins and food scraps can attract an infestation of ants in no time.

Did you know there are over 4000 known species of ants in Australia? Their ideal nesting environment will vary depending on species. It’s important to be aware of the most common ant species that can create infestations in your home, and the appropriate method of control so that you can not only take the necessary preventative measures, but also get the best out of your household pest treatments.

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If you notice a large number of ants forming trails throughout your home or have spotted insect wings on window ledges or close to doorways, it is likely you have an ant infestation on your hands.

Annual Pest Management offers effective ant control methods that isolate the colony and eradicate the problem. Our technicians have over 50 years’ experience, with great understanding of ant species and appropriate knowledge on the most effective solutions.

Whether it is a home or business, our technicians can eradicate the infestation quickly and prevent reinfestation. Our expert team will undergo an initial inspection process and then coordinate the best solution, whether that be baiting, spraying, or dusting.

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Black House Ants

These ants have a black shiny body and range from 2.5-5mm in length. Black Ants commonly build nests underground, in wall cavities, or in rotten wood and scout for food scraps (particularly sweet foods) to bring back to their colony.

Coastal Brown Ant

Coastal Brown Ants are a light to dark brown colour and range from 1.5-5mm in size. This species is most attracted to meat and insects, and commonly colonise in walls of houses and behind skirting boards.

Argentine Ant

Argentine Ants are small and slender dark brown ants and are approximately 2mm in length. These ants mostly feed on sweet foods, pet foods/meat and dead insects. They thrive in swamps and low-lying areas where there is an abundance of moisture.

Singapore Ant

Singapore Ants are more easily distinguished, with a yellow body and dark brown/black abdomen. These ants have become well adapted to humans and can be found inside homes where there are sugary or protein-rich foods readily available. Singapore Ants have been known to cause damage to households by chewing through fabric, insulation, electrical appliances and rubber.